The Bob Shaw Classic



The Bob Shaw Classic is an annual event hosted at RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, in memory of the late great Bob 'The Dog' Shaw. 

Coach Bob Shaw was a highly respected coach who was much loved by many and was involved in the sport for many years. Bob was based at RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth as a dog handler for the US Ministry of Defense where he played a very active role in British American football as an offensive line coach and Head Coach for the Cats as well as an offensive line coach for other UK teams including the Cornish Sharks and Peterborough Saxons. Bob was also the offensive and defensive line coach for the Alconbury Dragons high school team and under his tenure the team qualified for the playoffs no less than five times. 

Sadly, Coach Bob Shaw was diagnosed with cancer and an annual charity testimonial game was created in his honour where the teams he was involved in compete to win the coveted 'bone' trophy. The first game took place in May 2013 between the Cats and the Peterborough Saxons. Sadly, Coach Bob passed away the morning of the testimonial game which saw the Cats beat the Saxons 28-0 to win the trophy.

The second annual Bob Shaw Classic took place in September 2014 where the Cambridgeshire Cats met the Cornish Sharks in an epic battle which saw the Cats take the win 21-8 and retain the coveted trophy.